Charm Cosmet Co., Ltd. offers cosmetic product branding and a full range of cosmeceuticals

With over 15 years of cosmetics manufacturing experience, the company is a leader in the production of skin care, cosmetics, and cosmeceuticals, as well as one of the top in Thailand. Using factory standards and high quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process. As a result, we have GMP ISO 9001, ISO 22716, and Halal certification for international cosmetic production. In addition, we have a research team in the skin care and cosmetics production to handle the development of cosmetic formulas to meet customer needs. A marketing team is also available to offer advice, care for customers, and provide guidance on how to create a product brand.

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Together we can achieve success

The primary goal of our work, which we have always maintained

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Comprehensive Service

Services for customers to receive maximum satisfaction with consulting on product, business, and marketing management by specialists. Excellent service at all levels.

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High Quality Product

Produce from the best raw materials, the ingredients is carefully selected from all over the world. Control of production by a dedicated cosmetic scientist research team. The product focuses on seeing results from real use and safeness.

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Production Standard

Every step of the manufacturing process must reach the highest standards.  Produced in accordance with international standards, that is clean, safe, and free of contaminants. Products of high quality that truly meet the needs of consumers.

Branding a distinct identity and add value to your products

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Quality products in a variety of designs, reasonable prices, easy to purchase, and fast-selling.

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We are family

Your success is our success

Charm Cosmet Co., Ltd., a leader in the business of beauty and skin care products. We strive to develop and give importance to all customers by selecting the best and highest quality products. Along with providing excellent service, the company has earned the opportunity and trust of its customers. We are aware of our responsibilities to develop and maintain quality and service in order to provide each customer with the highest level of satisfaction that meets their needs.

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Recommended products, best sellers, and fast-selling

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