Charm Lipstick has a vibrant, long-lasting color that will not stick to the mask. The texture of the lipstick nourishes the lips, making them smoother, softer, more moisturized, and less flaky. We use a French-supplied pigment in our product. Gentle and safe, free of parabens and allergen-causing ingredients.

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lipstick by Charm

Our product is designed to keep lips supple, soft ,and moisturized. Guarantee safety since our product does not contain parabens and alcohol.

Charm lipstick has a vibrant, long-lasting color. Furthermore, it does not crack or adhere to the mask. It also nourishes the lips, causing them to become smooth, soft, moisturized, non-peeling, and non-flaking. Safe because it contains no parabens or alcohol.

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Lip stick by charm

Charm lipstick nourishes, smoothes, softens, and moisturizes your lips, preventing them from peeling.

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