Translucent Powder

At Charm Cosmet, we produce a high-quality translucent powder. Our powder is lightweight yet covers and controls oil throughout the day. It gives good coverage and delicate texture, whether loose or translucent powder. Provides a smooth surface after applying to the foundation. Our product does not clump or leave stains and brightens the skin throughout the day.

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Translucent Powder by Charm

 Oil control, not clogged, and assist in skin brightening

Fine nanopowder aids in the blurring of pores. Make your skin look brighter and smoother. Comes with SPF 27 PA+++ sun protection, mild and safe, ideal for all skin types.

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translucent powder by charm

Oil control, ready to reveal flawless skin throughout the day

Create a translucent powder brand, create a translucent powder formula, and plan a marketing campaign with full service, only at Charm Cosmet!!

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