Hair Mask

A hair mask or hair cream can be highly beneficial to dry and damaged hair caused by using a chemical or applying heat to the hair. The hair cream is highly potent; as a result, it is unsuitable for daily use. Recommend to use hair cream no more than twice a week.

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Hair Mask by Charm

Within 5 minutes, concentrated extracts can transform damaged hair into healthy hair.

Charm's hair conditioner comes in handy for emergency hair care. It helps repair hair damage caused by heat, coloring, or regular chemical use. With a nourishing formula and various scents, you can transform damaged hair into perfect hair in 5 minutes.

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Hair Mask

Soft, smooth, and healthy hair. Solve damaged hair problems within 5 minutes.

Create a hair mask brand, create a hair mask formula, and plan a full-service marketing campaign only at Charm Cosmet.

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