Oil Hair Treatment

Oil Hair Treatment, also known as a hair serum, is a hair care product that helps to add essential nutrients to the hair. There are numerous ingredients in hair serums on the market. On the other hand, a qualified hair serum must produce an effective result, such as nourishing the scalp, assisting in hair root strengthening, smoothing, and shining hair.

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Hair Oil by Charm

Richly nourish from the scalp to the hair end. It aids in the maintenance of soft and healthy hair.

A serum that repairs damaged hair, straightens, adds weight, prevents frizz and reduces dandruff on the scalp. Come with a fresh aroma that relieves stress.

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Hair Oil

Straight, soft, healthy, and free of split ends.

Create a hair oil brand, create a hair oil formula, and plan a full-service marketing campaign only at Charm Cosmet.

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