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CBD extract (Cannabidiol) can be found in cannabis, marijuana, and hemp genus. CBD is extracted from inflorescences. In terms of beauty cosmetics, CBD is not classified as a drug. CBD is anti-inflammatory. CBD is an antioxidant that helps to restore and protect the skin from pollution and sunlight. The extract also helps to increase collagen and encourages cell renewal to reduce redness and dark spots. As a result, CBD-infused cosmetics are a top seller in many countries.

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Solve facial skin problems, while reducing acne and wrinkles. Revealing healthy skin.

CBD Charm is a hemp-derived product. It is a legally manufactured extract. It is available in the form of cosmetics, which help to solve skin problems.

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Premium Hemp Extract, ready to be manufactured from a standardized factory

Create a CBD product brand, develop a formula, and plan a marketing campaign, with full service, only at Charm Cosmet.

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