Hand Cream

Hand cream aid in restoring the texture of the hands, resulting in a softer and moisturized skin. Effective hand cream should contain natural extracts and vitamin E, which help restore moisture to the skin of the hands. Furthermore, the hand cream must have Glycerine, which aids in the complete elimination of bacteria and germs attached to the hands. A proper hand cream must be certified in terms of safety and manufacturing quality.

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Hand Cream by Charm

Deeply nourishes, keep hands soft, and moisturized.

Natural ingredients provide deep nourishment—aid in the immediate healing of cracked, peeled, or rough hands. Softens smoothes, and moisturizes the hands. Ready to assist in the strengthening of nails.

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Hand Cream

Reduces roughness, adds smoothness, softens, and moisturizes the hands.

Create a hand cream brand, create a hand cream formula, plan a marketing campaign, full service, only at Charm Cosmet.

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