Oval Shape 60 g

Facial soap nourishes and enhances the skin. Keep your skin clear while reducing dark spots and tightening skin. The product contains no parabens or alcohol. Our ingredients are natural extracts imported from aboard, which are gentle and skin-friendly. The soap includes 12 new formulas and high-quality ingredients.

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facial soap by charm's

Cleanse your face completely in one step, ready to deeply nourish the skin.

Charm's Facial Soap Oval shape, 90-gram size, new formula!! It contains concentrated extracts, washes, restores, and nourishes the skin in a single step. With 12 premium formulas that deeply cleanse the skin. Gentle even on sensitive skin. Assist in restoring the skin's strength.

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Facial Soap

Clean and nourish. See results in 7 days.

Create a facial soap brand, create a facial soap formula, and plan a full-service marketing campaign only at Charm Cosmet.

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