Square Bar 90 g

Our soap is more special than regular soap on the market. Charm's soap is used to clean the face and body area. It also aids in nourishing the skin, making it more radiant. Soap can help with uneven skin tone, blemishes, freckles, and dark spots. The soap also aids in the strengthening of the skin.

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facial soap by charm's

Reduce facial skin problems by keeping your skin clean and clear. Smoothes the skin.

This innovative facial cleansing offers ten times the value of traditional soaps because it is the first time that various extracts are perfectly combined. The face is thoroughly cleansed, removing dull skin problems, skin discoloration, and restoring its radiance. Heal dry and tight skin resulting in soft and moisturized texture—aids in pore tightening, smoother skin with less roughness. The more you wash your face, the clearer your skin will become. The more you use it, the better you will see the result. You should notice a difference after 14 days.

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Facial Soap

Deep cleansing, ready to nourish the skin.

Create a facial soap brand, create a facial soap formula, and plan a full-service marketing campaign only at Charm Cosmet.

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