Body Baht Salt

Show your new healthy skin. Body Bath Salt is a product that aids in body cleansing. Bath salt also has exfoliating properties, which aid in removing dead skin cells. Moister bath salt also helps to prevent bacteria caused by damp conditions. Each scent has unique properties; Charm bath salt is available in various fragrances to suit your preferences or market demand.

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Body bath salt by charm

Remove dead skin cells and reduce musty odor. Ready to stop bacteria

Bathing spa salt helps to reduce rashes, acne, and weak skin problems. Moisturizes the skin while also relieving stress. Help relieve aches, stiffness, and sprains.

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body bath salt

Cleans the skin, reduces odor, and inhibits bacteria.

Create a body bath scrub brand, create a body bath salt formula, plan a marketing campaign, and full service, only at Charm Cosmet

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